What is a CMA and how does it work with margin lending?

A CMA is a cash management trust account linked to your margin loan which has many beneficial features such as:

  • You have an account to deposit your cash which is geared at 100% for your margin loan.
  • You earn credit interest on credit balances in the CMA. See the CMA interest rates.
  • You can nominate relevant Share registries to credit dividend payments into this account.
  • We open your CMA on behalf of you in the name of Value Nominees Pty Limited. The CMA always retains a minimum balance of $1.00 and like your margin lending account, there are no upfront or ongoing fees or charges on your CMA.
  • You can check the details of your CMA via your Margin lending Internet Account Access, under Bank Account Details. You can also check the balance on the Portfolio summary screen under security code CAS.