What is Budget Tracker?

Budget Tracker is a free online tool, available in Internet Banking, that you can use to help you manage your budget. Budget Tracker allows you to track your spending and income for any account you access through Internet Banking, to help you understand your income flow.

You can set up different categories for your expenses, set yourself a budget, and track your progress over time.

Budget Tracker will automatically select targets for you based on average expenditure for each expense category – of course you can change these at any time.

You can decrease or increase your targets to set realistic goals for yourself, set realistic budgets based on your past spending habits, view your overall position and keep on track to reach your goals. Regular overnight updates mean you can keep track of your spending versus budget, giving you a better chance at meeting your goals. You can compare your actual spending to the targets you set by viewing ‘My Targets’ or see how your financial position tracks over time by viewing ‘History’. The longer you use the tool the more data you’ll have to view.

Budget Tracker also has a ‘what if’ tool for you to explore different options to see which will help you get to your goal sooner.