iPhone 6 / iPad issues with the Suncorp Bank App

There are a couple of small issues that we're aware of with the new version of iOS.

Our latest release has fixed all of the below issues so please ensure you download our latest update. If you're restoring your apps for a new iPhone, we recommend you delete and download the latest version from the App Store.

My passcode doesn't work on my iPhone 6 / 6+

If you've added all your apps onto a new iPhone from iCloud or a back-up, a bug is causing the passcode feature to not work on our app. To fix, simply delete the app you have and download a new version from the App Store.

I'm having Issues logging in with my iPad

If you have a Wi-Fi only iPad, there is currently a software issue that doesn't allow you to login with a passcode. To fix, tap the "?" icon and login using your normal Customer ID and password. We're working on a permanent fix in our next app update soon.

Have another issue with an iPhone 6? Send us feedback and we'll take a look for you.