I'm concerned about placing share trade orders over the Internet. How safe is it?

We use SSL Encryption to encrypt your trading password and order instructions when you submit them to us using the web site. You should be careful to ensure that your trading password is not shared with anyone else, or used in such a way that it might be discovered by someone else. Good practices to follow for our site, and any financial site, include:
1. do not access our site from public computers, such as internet cafes, as you can never know what software could be on those computers that could discover your passwords
2. ensure your computer is protected by an up-to-date anti virus program and firewall
3. do not follow links in emails that ask you to confirm your login details. Suncorp Share Trade will not ask you for your password in any emails
4. If you are still concerned about trading online, you may feel more comfortable trading with our phone dealers and using the web site for the pricing, tools and research.