How is Suncorp Bank protecting my accounts online?

Suncorp Bank is committed to providing you with the highest level of security and support when banking online.
We use industry standard security technology and practices to optimise your security for Internet Banking and to protect your account from any unauthorised access and inconvenience. Here are just a few ways we achieve this:

  • Your Internet Banking session with Suncorp is protected with encryption, which means that the information sent to and from your computer can only be seen and understood by yourself and Suncorp.
  • Suncorp Bank maintains a number of firewalls that provide a secure environment for our Internet Banking customers.
  • Firewalls protect Suncorp Bank systems from attacks, track potential and actual threats, and ensure nothing unauthorised enters or leaves our Internet Banking environment.
  • When you log into Suncorp Bank Internet Banking a secure session is established using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). A secure session can be identified by URL or web address starting with https:// rather than http://
  • If you ever logon to Suncorp Bank Internet Banking and do not see one or more of these identifiers, please call 13 11 75 and ask for Internet Banking Contact Centre.
  • After consecutive unsuccessful login attempts (over any period of time), Suncorp Bank disables your Internet Banking account by locking you out to safeguard against unauthorised access.
  • To re-activate Internet Banking you simply need to call 13 11 75 and ask for Internet Banking Contact Centre.
  • Suncorp Bank has set a time-out default after which your system will automatically log you off and end your Internet Banking session.

This means that should you leave your Internet Banking unattended for a period of time, the system will end your session to ensure that no one else can access your personal information in your absence.

  • Each time you connect to Internet Banking, check the date and time of your last login or session. It will be displayed at the bottom of the My Accounts page.
  • You can also see details of your last 5 logins and what transactions were made at the bottom of the My Accounts screen.

Be sure to check this each time to ensure that nothing is out of the ordinary.

  • While Suncorp Bank does its part to protect your Internet Banking, it is important that you keep your anti-virus and firewall software up to date. If you are not sure about your computer settings and anti-virus software or if you are using public computers, such as Internet Cafes and Hotel computers, ensure you have a Suncorp Bank Security Token.
  • Suncorp Bank’s Security Token is a service that adds an additional layer of security to your Internet Banking account.
  • When logging onto Internet Banking, you will be asked to enter a six-digit numeric code, known as your token code, after your Customer ID and Password.
  • The token code is provided by your Security Token, a key-chain sized device that generates a new number every 60 seconds.

Suncorp Bank has an experienced and dedicated detection team that ensures an immediate response to suspicious account activity or potential cases of fraud.

From time to time, our Fraud Detection team may contact you to confirm a transactions. Please note that we will never ask you to provide any personal details while confirming your transactions.

If you feel that your security may have been compromised, please call Suncorp Bank on 13 11 75.
The Australian banking industry works together and alongside the Australian High Tech Crime Centre and the Australian Federal Police to manage threats to online banking and the Internet.

Suncorp Bank is also a member of the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCert), which continually investigates and notifies Suncorp Bank of online criminal activity within Australia and across the globe.