How do I process a refund?

  • Press Merchant Menu button
  • Select 1 for Transaction
  • Select 3 for Refund
  • If card has a chip, insert card with the chip facing upward into the chip reader at the bottom of the terminal*
  • Swipe the customer’s card with the magnetic stripe facing down and inwards towards the keypad*
  • Type in your password
  • Press Enter
  • Select the account type (Savings, Cheque or Credit)-request this information from the cardholder before making the selection
  • Type in the Refund Amount
  • Press Enter
  • The terminal will ask the customer to enter their PIN and press Enter (if a Debit Card)


  • Hand the terminal to the customer to enter their pin number or press Enter to confirm the refund (if a Credit Card)
  • If Approved, the terminal will print the merchant receipt
  • Remove the merchant receipt** and press Enter to print the customer receipt
  • Ensure that the transaction receipt says ‘APPROVED’
  • Transaction Processing Retail10 Suncorp Bank
  • Hand the Customer Copy receipt to the cardholder with the card.


*If Cashier Number has been enabled on your merchant profile, the terminal will request a cashier to be selected after inserting or swiping the customer’s card. Select the cashier by pressing the corresponding number next to the cashier name, or highlighting the cashier name using the arrows and press Enter.

**If the refund is performed on a credit card the terminal will ask you to verify the cardholder’s signature.

Do not disclose your password to any unauthorised people.