How do I pay interest on a margin loan?

How do I pay interest?

For fixed loans you can pay by direct debit or cheque. If you have a variable loan, you may choose one of the above two options or capitalise the interest to your loan.

Do I need to make regular loan repayments?

You may request an increase to your credit limit by completing the Credit There is no need to make ongoing repayments to your loan. If you do want to make repayments, they can be made at any time and for any amount. If you repay the entire balance, you can maintain the facility until you may need it again.

Are there any fees?

There are no account keeping or ongoing fees payable to Suncorp Bank. On application, if you are a company or trust, you will be required to pay $135 or $165 respectively, for the required company searches or trust vetting fees, but once your account is active there are no other fees or charges.

Do you pay commission?

Suncorp Bank margin lending may pay commissions to your Adviser however this is not an endorsement of either your Adviser or the service they provide you.