How do I ensure maximum security/safety when Internet Banking?

There are a number of ways that you can maximise your Internet Banking security:

  1. Don't write down your Internet Banking Customer ID and your Internet Banking Password anywhere. If you do, make sure to keep them separate from each other.
  2. Make sure that no one is watching you type your Customer ID and Internet Banking Password when you logon.
  3. Don't leave your Internet Banking session running when your computer is unattended.
  4. When you have finished your Internet Banking session, be sure to click on the Log Off button at the top of the menu to end your session properly.
  5. If you suspect that someone knows your Customer ID and Internet Banking Password, logon immediately and change your Internet Banking Password by going to the Settings and Security section, and clicking on the ‘change my Internet Banking password’ link. Alternatively, please call us on 13 11 75.
  6. By applying for a Security Token you can add an extra layer of security to your Internet Banking.