How do I close my account if I am a remote, overseas or disabled customer?

If you live more than 50kms from a branch, reside overseas or are a disabled customer, to close your account simply contact us over the phone on 13 11 75.

If there is more than one account holder who can use the account then we'll need to get their consent as well.

Before we close your account you'll need to make sure that the account has a nil balance, all cheques deposited to your account have cleared, and that you return all unused cheques and you arrange for any direct debits and credits to be directed to another account.

Alternatively, please send a written and signed request via post to your Suncorp Bank branch

Please ensure your request includes:

  • Account number to be closed
  • Your contact details, including a phone number
  • Your signature
  • Instructions regarding how and where you wish any balance of funds to be sent. If this is to another bank, please include BSB and Account Number.


Once the Branch receives your request, they will be able to close the account for you.