How do I change my address on the Share Register?

If your Suncorp securities are held individually (i.e not held in joint names or a company name etc.) and you are an Issuer Sponsored Security holder (refer to item 12 below) you can change your address online via our share registry website

If your securities are held in joint names or a company name etc. you can change your address by writing to our share registrar giving the full name(s) in which your securities are held, your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) your old/new address details and your signature. There is a form on our share registrar's website that you can use for this. It can be found in the 'Forms' area of Link Market Services web site.

CHESS holders (refer to item 12 below) should notify their sponsoring broker of the change of address details in writing. The share registry will then receive this change electronically from the sponsoring broker.