How do I avoid being charged an overdrawn fee on my Business Everyday OR Business Premium transaction account when I have money in my savings account?

Suncorp Bank offers a sweep functionality that enables you to sweep (transfer) money from a nominated account if one account does not contain enough money to cover a direct debit or personal cheque. An Insufficient Funds Sweep will automatically move available funds from another Suncorp Bank account (as selected by the client) to cover the transaction amount. This type of sweep aims to reduce the risk of the client overdrawing their account. Sweeps can be set up in branch or by sending a secure message to the Internet Banking team.

e.g. A client has $150 in their Business Everyday account and $500 in their Business Saver. They have a $180 direct debit coming out of their Business Everyday Account. To ensure their account does not get overdrawn, they have an Insufficient Funds Sweep set up which will sweep the extra $30 from the Business Saver Account to cover the direct debit.