How can I protect myself from Cheque fraud?

Reconcile your account

  • You are required to reconcile your accounts promptly and regularly. For business accounts, ensure independent overview by the appropriate level of management.
  • Ensure that any spoiled cheques are destroyed.
  • For business accounts, separate the cheque writing/electronic payments and account reconciliation functions.

Signing of cheques

  • Never sign blank cheques, only sign cheques after all details have been completed.
  • Limit the number of signatures to your account to ensure control.
  • Regularly review the account authorities and update that information with us.
  • Ensure that your signature is not affixed to documents that can be accessed by the general public.


  • Keep all cheques secure when not in use to deter theft. 
  • Cheques must be completed in a way that deters fraudulent alteration. 
  • Ensure that a strong bold and consistent font is used. 
  • Leave no gaps in the completion of the payee name, amount in words and in figures. 
  • Avoid use of acronyms for payee names, eg. ATO. 
  • Use permanent ballpoint or ink (preferably black).
  • A cheque must never be issued in the name of the financial institution you are going to deposit the cheque with. The cheque must be issued to the actual person.

Ordering and maintaining cheques

  • If cheques are lost or stolen contact Suncorp Bank immediately on 13 11 75.
  • Notify Suncorp Bank if you have not received an ordered cheque book on 13 11 75.


  • Ensure that any invoices are valid before payment. 
  • Mark all invoices as paid once payment is made. 
  • Consider using electronic means of payment (if possible) for high value payments. 

Protection of cheques 

  • Wherever possible, avoid sending cheques in the mail. 
  • Avoid sending cheques in window fronted envelopes. 
  • Ensure that your mailbox is secure to protect your inward cheques. 
  • Avoid providing your banking details to external parties.