Do I need a certain type of Mobile Phone to access Mobile Banking?

If you have a phone that was made after 2008 and can access the web, you should be able to use Mobile Banking. If you're using our iPhone app, you'll need to have an iOS operating system of 7 or later. If you're using our Android app, you'll need an android operating system of4 or later.

We are hoping to build a Windows Phone App but due to IT priorities, it hasn't happened as fast as we'd hoped. For now, you can access our mobile website which works on any phone, anytime by going to on your phone and tap on the person icon in the top right.

Suncorp Bank Mobile Internet Banking service works from any mobile that can access the web and has 'JavaScript'. Some phones may have javascript but just have it 'deactivated' so check your phone manual or mobile provider for more information.