Clone of Everyday Options Account

Integrate your spending with your savings, with an Everyday Options Account.

  • Link up to 9, high-interest savings sub-accounts
  • Lock portions of your money away at a high rate of interest, with our unique flexiRates
  • Monthly account keeping fees are waived for the first 12 months if you apply online*

Ways to access your Everyday Options Account

Card Options

Choose a Visa Debit card1 and access your own money in more places, like when you’re shopping online or travelling overseas.


Offering a higher standard variable interest rate, your savings sub-accounts - and you can have up to 9 - can be opened in conjunction with your Everyday Options transaction account.

Rates and Fees

Interest Rates

There's interest paid on money in both your everyday and savings "sub-accounts". Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

Everyday Options

Minimum BalanceAnnual Interest Rate
$0.01 and over0.01% p.a.

Interest is calculated daily and paid half yearly.

Everyday Options Sub-account

Minimum BalanceAnnual Interest Rate
$0.01 and over1.65% p.a.

Interest Rates Effective 5 August 2016.
Variable interest rate. Interest is calculated daily. Standard interest is paid monthly.

Plus you’ve got the option to lock any portion of money in your savings “sub” account for a period of time to earn higher interest (called “flexiRates”).

Everyday Options Sub-account flexiRates

Interest TypeAnnual Interest Rate
3 months2.25% p.a.
6 months (Special)2.35% p.a.
12 months2.45% p.a.

Interest Rates Effective 21 February 2017.
Interest is calculated daily on the whole balance of the nominated flexiRate amount and paid at the end of the flexiRate period. flexiRate interest is fixed for the nominated flexiRate period. The maximum flexiRate period is 12 months. An interest adjustment will apply if we allow you to release your flexiRate early.

You can add up to 15 “flexiRates” to each of your savings “sub” accounts, just log into Internet Banking and apply via the “Manage my flexiRates” tab.

Fees at a glance

Monthly account keeping fee
(waived for 12 months if you apply online today)*

All Suncorp Bank Transactions

Using other bank's ATMsATM Operator fee2
Electronic transfers to other banksFree
Bank cheque purchase$8.00

We want to teach you how to save on fees. Learn more about fees and how to avoid them.

Waiver Eligibility

You’re eligible for an account keeping fee waiver if,

  • You’re a full time student (“Full time Student waiver”); or
  • You’re impaired in some way that restricts you from accessing our banking facilities (“Accessibility waiver”); or
  • You apply online.

Things you should know

1. To be eligible for a Suncorp Bank Visa Debit card you must be over 16 and a permanent resident of Australia. If not eligible you will receive a Suncorp Bank Transaction card.

2. Withdrawals and enquiries at other (“non Suncorp Bank”) ATMs will incur the ATM Operator fee by the Financial Institution who owns the ATM. This fee will be charged immediately at the time of the transaction to your account.

3. Rates are subject to change without notice.

*Offer is exclusive for new Everyday Options account opened online via the corporate site. Excludes new Everyday Options accounts opened online via Internet Banking.

Banking Products issued by Suncorp Metway Ltd (“Suncorp Bank”) ABN 66 010 831 722. Please read the Product Information Document before making any decisions regarding this product. Visit your nearest  branch or call 13 11 75 for more information. Terms and Conditions, fees and charges may apply and are available on request.