Terms and Conditions for participation in the Suncorp runPositive Customer Rewards Promotion

 As part of the 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

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1. The Suncorp runPositive Customer Rewards Promotion (“Offer”) is made available to Suncorp Customers who opt into the Offer during the registration period for the 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon (“GCAM event”) in accordance with clauses 6 and 7 (“Registered Customers”). The Offer is made by Suncorp Corporate Services Pty Ltd ABN 69 074 966 466 (“Promoter”).   

2. Suncorp Customers are those customers of the subsidiaries of Suncorp Group Limited ABN 66 145 290 124 (“Suncorp Group”) who currently hold Suncorp-branded products or services. These include products and services issued by Suncorp-Metway Limited ABN 66 010 831 722 (Suncorp Bank), AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading Suncorp Insurance and Suncorp Life and Superannuation Limited ABN 87 073 979 530 (each a “Suncorp Customer”). To be eligible for the Offer, a Suncorp Customer must identify themselves as a Suncorp Customer in accordance with clauses 6 or 7. By registering for the Offer each Suncorp Customer (“You”) acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions.

3. The staff of the Suncorp Group and its subsidiaries and their immediate families are not eligible to register for the Offer.

4. The GCAM event will be held on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July 2016.

5. To register for the Offer in relation to the GCAM event, Suncorp Customers must, visit www.goldcoastmarathon.com.au between Tuesday 8 December 2015 and Friday 24 June 2016 (subject to limitations on the number of Suncorp Customers who will be eligible for the Offer or when the Offer reaches capacity) and complete the registration process when registering for the GCAM event with Gold Coast Events Management Ltd (“GCAM Event Organiser”). 

6. The Suncorp Customer must as part of the registration process for participation in the Offer: 

a) identify themselves as a Suncorp Customer during the GCAM event registration process; 

b) confirm that they are aged 18 years or older at the time of entry; and

c) agree to receive communications in relation to the that program and/or the Offer.

7. Registered Customers will be identified by their unique GCAM event race number and timing device that will provide them with unique rewards and exclusive officers at the GCAM event. 

8. As part of the GCAM event, if You register for the Suncorp runPositive program you will not be eligible for any other Suncorp offers with respect to this event. 

9. The benefits to Registered Customers as part of the Offer (“Benefits”) include entry into the Suncorp Cool Down Zone which will provide exclusive benefits and offers for Registered Customers in an exclusive recovery area.

10. To access the Benefits, the Registered Customer must be in possession of their unique GCAM event race number and timing device.

11. Benefits provided under the Offer cannot be sold, transferred or assigned to another person and are personal to You as the Registered Customer. 

12. The Promoter may:

i.change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice; and/or

ii.change any of the benefits on Offer. 

13. By registering in accordance with clauses 6 or 7, You agree that the Promoter is not and will not be liable to You for:

i. any qualifying transaction not being made available to them for any reason;

ii. any failure by the Promoter, any event organiser or other party to provide the Benefits;

iii. any loss or damage whatsoever (including indirect or consequential loss) caused by or arising out of participating in the Benefits;

iv. any failure to notify a Registered Customer of any change in these terms and conditions;

v. the suspension or termination of the Benefits

vi. any abuse of the Benefits by You, including:

a) failure to comply with these terms and conditions;

b) supply any misleading information (including verification of your status as a Suncorp Customer when you are not); and/or

c) abuse any privilege of the Benefits may result in the suspension or termination of the Benefits to You. 

14. When You opt in and identify as a Suncorp Customer and in turn claim the Benefits outlined in clause 10, the personal information that you provide to the GCAM Event Organiser will be provided to the Promoter.

15. When You register for the GCAM, your personal information is collected by the GCAM Event Organiser to manage and administer the Offer. By participating in the Offer, Registered Customers consent to these uses and disclosures of their personal information as set out in these Terms and Conditions.

16. Registered Customers further agree and consent to the Promoter using their name, likeness, image and/or voice (including any photograph, film and/or recording of them) in promotional material in any media at any time without notification or compensation, financial or otherwise.