Calculators and Tools

Whether you're looking to save money, invest money, or perhaps purchase a home, we have a range of powerful calculators to assist you in reaching your goal.

Home Loan Calculators

Borrowing Capabilities Calculator

Get an idea of how much you may be able to borrow, based on your income and expenses.

Repayments Calculator

This handy calculator helps you calculate an estimate of your minimum repayments on the amount you wish to borrow.

Extra Repayments Savings Calculator

See how much time and interest you may be able to save thanks to extra loan repayments.

Government Fees Calculator

Get a feel for how much stamp duty and other government fees to allow for when putting together your budget.

Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

See what a difference a lump sum repayment may make over the life of your loan.

Mortgage Offset Calculator

Find out how much time and interest you could save by offsetting your savings against your mortgage.

Home Loan Key Facts Sheet

Generate a Home Loan Key Facts Sheet for an eligible home loan of your selection.

Split Loan Calculator

Calculate the possible result of securing a portion of your home loan as 'fixed' and a portion as 'variable'.

Personal and Car Loans

Repayments Calculator

See how much your repayments might be on one of our Personal Loans.


Foreign Exchange Tools

Foreign Currency Calculator

A tool to convert foreign currency to Australian dollars

Foreign Exchange Rates

The latest foreign exchange rates from Suncorp Bank

Business Loan Calculators and Tools

Loan Repayments Calculator

Determine what your loan repayments might be for a regular business loan

Loan Comparison Calculator

Not sure which loan is best for you? Use this calculator to see compare loan types.

Equipment Finance Calculator

Determine what your loan repayments might be for an equipment finance loan

Buying Costs Worksheet

Use this PDF to get an idea of the amount your business would like to borrow, including any deposits and legal fees payable

How much can my business borrow?

Calculate how much your business could borrow, using either the PDF tool above of the excel version

What you'll need for your loan application

A checklist that outlines all the information and documents required to accompany your business loan application

Business Lending Options

An informative guide to help choose the right type of lending for you

Savings and Budgeting Calculators

Budget Planner

Assist your cashflow by creating a budget.

Savings Calculator

See how much you can save.

Investing Calculators

Term Deposit Calculator

See how much interest you may earn form a fixed term deposit.

Investment Goal Calculator

This calculator helps to estimate if you're on track to reaching your investment goal.

Investment Time Frame Calculator

This will estimate timeframes to reaching your investment goals.

Investment Return Calculator

This will estimate your annual return based on your investment interest rate.

Tax Calculator

A quick guide to income tax you will pay on your salary.

Financial Planning Calculators

ASIC's Superannuation Calculator

A free superannuation calculator from the ASIC website. (Will open in new window)