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Friday, February 14, 2014

What is Insight, exactly?

If you look up insight in a dictionary, you’ll find something along the lines of ‘the ability to perceive clearly or deeply’ or ‘a penetrating and often sudden understanding, as of a complex situation or problem’. We like to think of insight simply as 'the lightbulb moment'. That instant when everything falls into place and you finally understand something completely. The quest for insight as we see it is a constant process of learning and being proactive with what you discover - one lightbulb moment after another bringing you to solutions, great ideas, deep-tissue understanding...and hey, more insight!

In the spirit of that endeavour, Insight the blog is for anyone who wants to take a stronger hold of managing and growing their money. Be it in your business or personal life, or some complex mix of both, Insight will be listening, and sure to have something for you. The blog will look to cover everything from the fundamentals of saving and budgeting, to the 'when' and 'how' of investing in shares, property and super all the way up to getting ready for retirement.

Insight will also feature a section dedicated to small and startup businesses. To that end, we've got a great series on Social Media Marketing coming up, one on selling products online, and a multi-part series on setting up a business plan for your new small business venture. For the regular reader, we'll have all that as well as updates from the technology side of the finance industry; trends, apps, news: that kind of thing.

Along with its focus on learning and self-actuation, the Insight blog is dedicated passionately to the simplification of 'financial speak'. We're interested in sharing ideas and real-life stories that can help you actually save up for that holiday, actually buy your dream car, start a business, save up for your kids’ education, budget for your dream wedding, and all in relatable, useful prose. 

But Insight's not about having a one-way conversation, either. We'd genuinely like to hear from you, and want to make this blog all about exchanging ideas - what's working, what's not? What are your thoughts and tips? 

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So, welcome again, and we really hope you like it here! 


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