Meet the Authors


Samantha Amjadali

Digital Content Passionista

Samantha Amjadali has worked in the Australian media for more than 15 years covering everything from technology to youth issues and entertainment. 



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Simon Clarke

Head of Online Banking

Simon currently leads Suncorp Bank's online team and is responsible for the management, development and user experience for Suncorp Bank's online banking channels. 


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Darryl Conroy

The Finance Guy

Darryl has twenty years experience in the field of finance and treasury.  Darryl is the economic face of Suncorp Bank and sits within the Treasury team in Brisbane. 


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Sam Hobson


Insight's editor-in-chief, Sam is an ex-Arts Journalist who moonlights the occasional film review for national street mag The Music, and who sunlights as Suncorp Bank's Digital Content Specialist.


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Jonathan Jackson

Publishing Professional

Jonathan Jackson has worked as a writer and editor for 20 years. He is the author of Australia's Wealth Creators (Wrightbooks) and co-author of Offside: The Wild Side of Soccer (Blitz).


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Bernard Kellerman

Business Journalist

Bernard Kellerman is a freelance business and banking journalist with 16 years' experience, including 4 years writing for and editing CFO magazine.



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Matt O'Neill

Arts Journalist

Matt O’Neill is a Brisbane-based artist, performance-maker and ex-journalist. Over the course of his careers, he’s found himself naked in ABC Studios, interviewed Lady Gaga and displayed multiple works at the Brisbane Festival. 


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Libby Patch

Insight's sub-editor and resident artiste

Libby has a background in visual art and creative writing, and, while she still paints and writes (you'll see some of her articles on Insight soon!), works currently as Suncorp Bank's esteemed Digital Channels Advisor (and sub-editor of Insight).

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James Rose

Author, Journalist

James Rose has written features, commentary and analysis for various publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the International Herald Tribune, the Far Eastern Economic Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, the Washington Post and, the South China Morning Post. 

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Jen Storey

Editor of Anthill magazine

Despite being a Doctor Who fan, Jen is known to play well with others – her year three school report card said so.

These days she spends her time working with businesses, largeand small, on strategy, innovation, communication and marketing.

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Sharlene Tan

eCommerce Manager

Sharlene Tan does a whole bunch of online stuff for Suncorp Bank. A Canadian by birth, she finds the compelling need to add ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘eh’ to the end of every sentence. She began her career in event production and moved into the digital sales space for a television and radio company. 

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Vanessa Wilkins

Master of Internet Banking

Ness, Suncorp Bank's venerable Online Channels Specialist, can also be described as a self-confessed crazy cat lady, who grew up in Gundy and looks after all things Internet Banking. 

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Bruce Rush

After living in a number of places across the globe and working for a few banks along the way, he's now settled in Brisbane with his young family. 

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Jen Vecchio

Fashionista and passionate traveller, Jen has conquered the Inca Trail, the Great Wall of China, and is based in Brisbane working in the financial industry. 

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Eddie Sahovic

Banking Graduate

Eddie is one of our fresh faced Graduates, and is currently undertaking an 18 month program with Suncorp Bank. Don’t be fooled though, Eddie is an old hand, having worked for the Bank since 2008. 

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