Real Estate Trust Account

This account is perfect for rental deposits and facilitating the purchase of property or other assets.


Real Estate Trust Account
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For use by certain licensed and regulated agents, being: 
  • In Queensland - Real Estate Agents, Auctioneers, Motor Dealers, Resident Letting Agents and debt collectors; and
  • In New South Wales - Real Estate Agents, Stock and Station Agents, Business Agents, Strata/Community Managing Agents and On-site Residential Property Managers.  

Fee-free items

Each month, the first 20 Branch deposits and cheque withdrawals are free.


Access your account using the Branch or your chequebook.


No interest is paid to the account holder. Instead, interest earned is paid in accordance with legislation.

Account-keeping fee

$5 per month if your minimum monthly balance falls below $10,000

Branch deposits$0.70 per transaction
Cheque withdrawals$0.60 per transaction
Cheque deposits$0.60 per transaction