Choosing a Bank Account

Looking for a new bank account?

Our comprehensive guide can help with choosing the right bank account for your needs, finding out what extras you may be entitled to, how to access your money overseas, and how to make the easy switch to Suncorp Bank.


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Did you know? Existing customers can open a Personal Bank Account from within Internet Banking.

Firstly, there are two main types of Bank Accounts.

  • A Transaction account is an account used for everyday spending; for shopping, for paying for things with a card, and for paying bills online.
  • A Savings account is an account in which your money accrues interest at a higher rate; meaning you’ll earn on whatever you put away to save.
  • To make purchases using the money in your savings account, simply transfer it to a transaction account.


Just Spending

Everyday Basics AccountAn everyday, no-fuss, fee-free transaction account.
Everyday Essentials

A basic, affordable, fee-free transaction account for:

  • Low income earners or holders of a Pensioner concession card; or
  • Health care card; or
  • Seniors health card

Spending and Saving

Everyday Options AccountAn everyday transaction account that links up to 9 high-interest savings accounts.

For Over 55s

55 Plus AccountWith this simple transaction account, you not only have the option of attaching it to a savings account, but you'll also enjoy a wealth of bonuses, like free bank-cheques, a Visa Debit card, and flexiRates.

For High Balances

Cash Management AccountA transaction and savings account in one, with a competitive, tiered interest rate, so the more you save, the more you earn.

Compare Accounts

Accounts Comparison ToolCompare our transactions and savings accounts

Accessing your account

Visa Debit

  • Ever wanted to pay for things - like online shopping, paying taxis, or travelling overseas - but didn't want a credit card? Well, Visa Debit card empowers you to make those payments, and straight from your transaction account.
  • A Visa Debit Card can be added to all Suncorp Bank transaction accounts at no extra cost.
ATM LocatorFind your nearest branch or ATM


Looking for something else? 

A purely online savings account

eOptionsA high-interest, online savings account with no fees.
Secured savings returnsTerm Deposits

Our Term Deposits give you guaranteed, secure returns.

Alternatively, with flexiRates, you can lock a portion of your money away in your savings account for a term of your choosing, earning higher interest.

Access to my money overseas; for travelCash PassportA prepaid debit card matched to the currency of your destination. This card can be used over the counter, and to withindraw cash from over 1 million Visa ATMs worldwide.
Foreign Currency CashYou can exchange your money into numerous foreign currencies at a Suncorp bank branch prior to your travel.
Visa DebitLink a Visa Debit card to one of your transaction accounts, and you can shop and pay - with your money - anywhere that accepts Visa.
Travellers ChequesSafer than cash, American Express Travellers Cheques mean security. Full refund or replacement if your cheques are lost or stolen.
An account for someone under 18Kids Savings Account
  • Opportunity to earn bonus interest
  • Kickstart the saving conversation with the help of our specially designed kids website
  • Under 18, but not looking for a Kids account? Anyone over the age of 11 can open an Everyday Basics transaction account, as well as an eOptions online savings account.


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