EasyPay Debit and Credit

EasyPay enables your business access to industry-standard payment processing software.

Credit staff, and debit customers’ accounts, right from an electronic banking program on your office PC. It’s cost-efficient, convenient, and secure.

Easy Pay
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EasyPay Credit

Ideal for any sized business that pays creditors, suppliers, or staff on a regular or ad-hoc basis.


EasyPay Debit

Ideal for any sized business that collects regular payments like memberships, rental payments, and recurring bill payments.


Key Features

  • Industry Standard Payment System using APCApayment files.
  • Payments processed overnight, with the payees receiving their funds the next day*  
  • Convenient and Easy to use, you can install the EasyPay software on your office PC, allowing you to process debit and credit payments at your control, and in-house.
  • Secure, with high level software-driven encryption and the option to define in-program the levels of user access.


Want to know more?

View the complete EasyPay product specifications (PDF)



As the individual needs of each business is different, our competitive pricing plans are best discussed with one of our Payment Specialists.

To find out more, simply enquire online, and we’ll get back to you within 8 working hours. Or call us on 13 11 75.

How to Apply

Have a browse of the process below to get a good idea of what to expect.


Step 1 - Choice and Information

Informing yourself of your options is an important step towards making the right choice of payment solution for your business. Though our team of Payment Specialists on 13 11 75 can help you towards your final selection, understanding what’s on offer can help you get there sooner.


How do I know EasyPay suits my business?

  • If haven’t already, take a look at the EasyPay Features above
  • Alternatively, you can compare your options.


Step 2 - Contact Us

Made your choice? The next step is to let us know.

Make an online enquiry right now, and we’ll get back to you within 8 working hours. It’s an easy, single step-process.

Alternatively, you can call one of our Payment Specialists on 13 11 75.


Step 3 - Conversation

Up next is a conversation with one of our Payment Specialists. They’ll discuss with you any further questions you have about our services.


Step 4 - Application

Once you are happy with your choice, it’s time to apply.

Together with your Payment Specialist, you’ll complete, sign, and date your application form, and submit all the necessary supporting documents for approval.


Step 5 - Approval

What happens next? Well, at this stage your application will be reviewed, and, if it meets our approval policy, it will be forwarded on to the Fulfilment Team.


Step 6 - Fulfillment

Your application has been successful, but what happens next?

Upon the success of your application, you will be sent a Letter of Offer,allocating you your Credit User ID or Debit User ID, depending on which EasyPay facility you selected.


Step 7 - Installation

Upon the receipt of the Letter of Offer, simply follow the set-up steps provided in the EasyPay user manual.

*Providing funds are submitted before daily clearing time.