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Applying for a business bank account with us is simple.

Whether you're an existing customer or this is your first time with Suncorp Bank, you can apply for a Business Account online, or complete an application in your nearest branch.

Open a Business Account
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Open a Business Account Online

Types of business that can apply online:

  • A sole trader/joint account
  • A sole trader/joint account trading as a registered business
  • A Company (LTD or PTY LTD)
  • A Company (LTD or PTY LTD) trading as a registered business
  • A Trust - Individuals(s) as Trustee
  • A Trust - Individual(s) as Trustee trading as a registered business
  • A Trust - Company (LTD or PTY LTD) as Trustee

If your business doesn't fit into one of these categories, you can fill in an Application Form and drop into your local branch or call us on 13 11 75 as we can assist you.


Things you should know before you apply online:

You'll need to be an Australian Business to complete the online application.
  • You'll need to be a Business Owner/Director/Trustee to complete the online application.
  • If you are a Trust, we'll need a certified copy of your trust deed.
  • Businesses/Companies with up to 4 owners/directors can apply online. If you have more than 4 owners of registered business/directors of a company, you can complete a Paper Application and attend your nearest Suncorp Bank branch.
  • The names of all Authorised Persons/Trustees listed on this application need to appear in the Company/Business search as a Director, Secretary, Owner, Beneficial Owner or as a Trustee on the Trust Deed. Please note: If we cannot verify the names against the search or Trust Deed, we'll forward your application to your nearest Suncorp Bank Branch.
  • All Authorised Persons/Trustees will be assigned full authority to operate on the account. This includes making changes to the account as well as performing financial transactions. If you need to make changes to these authorities, just visit your local branch.
Apply in Branch

Apply for a Suncorp Business Account Offline

Follow the below steps to apply for a new business account:

  1. Complete a Non-Personal Application Form
  2. Complete and sign an Additional Owners and Authorised Persons form for any additional persons required on the account.
  3. Complete a separate Signatory Capture Form for each individual who will operate on the account.


Refer to the Identification Checklist to determine which forms of ID you will need. Each Owner and Authorised Persons will need to individually provide Acceptable Identification.


Once you have completed these forms and organised relevant ID, you can go to your local Suncorp Bank branch to open your new account.

What You'll Need

Identification Requirements