Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking with Suncorp Bank.

Did you know that you can check balances and recent transactions on your accounts, check your minimum payment and due date for your Clear Options Visa Card, transfer funds, BPAY®, obtain your interest details, request a statement, and obtain information regarding recently presented cheques? 

How to get set up

All you need is one of your account numbers to start using Telephone Banking. Then, simply call 13 11 25. 

One of our consultants will ask you to create a 4 to 6 digit Telephone Access Code (TAC). This will be your code to access Telephone Banking and can also be used to register for Internet Banking


Menu Options: 

  •  To start, call 13 11 25
  •  Enter your Telephone Access Code (TAC)
  •  Press 1 for Account Balance, 2 for Transactional Information, 3 to Transfer Money and BPAY, 4 for other enquiries.
  •  Once in Account Balance Menu - 1 for active account balance, 2 for all account balances, 3 for Clear Options Credit Card details
  •  Once in Transactional Information Menu - 1 for last 12 transactions, 2 for cheque information, 3 for request a statement, 4 for interest details
  •  Once in Transfer Money and BPAY Menu - 1 to transfer funds, 3 for BPAY
  •  Once in Other Enquiries Menu - 1 to organise account identifiers (account shortcuts) 2 to change your Telephone Access Code
  •  Keypad Commands throughout phone banking:
  •  Enter = hash
  •  Start = start again
  •  Zero = speak to a consultant
  •  One = answer yes
  •  Two = answer no
  •  Seven = main menu
  •  Eight = repeat information
  •  Nine = end call