Need an easier way to have friends pay you back?

Easily share your banking details with our QuickShare feature. 

How to share details with Suncorp Bank Mobile Banking

  • Login to the app and select your desired account
  • Tap "Share Details"
  • Complete the virtual IOU template
  • From there, tap "SMS" and your details are placed into a SMS
  • Choose the contact in your phone and tap send
  • Your friend or recipient can simply now copy and paste the details into their app to pay you back



Is your friend or recipient a Suncorp Bank Mobile Banking user?

  • You can login to the app and create a virtual IOU template via Share Details
  • Tap "QR code"
  • Your friend who is also a Suncorp Bank Mobile Banking customer can login to their app and go to "Transfers"
  • Tap "Scan QuickShare QR code"
  • Take a photo of the QR code with the inbuilt camera
  • All of your details are automatically placed into a send money flow for your friend to pay you back!