Fingerprint Login Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fingerprint Login secure?

Fingerprint Login has the same high level security as all of our authentication methods for mobile banking. We use a range of security options such as real time fraud monitoring, secure encryption and 2 factor authentication. Read more about how we protect your money online.

A condition of use for Fingerprint Login is that only your fingerprint is registered to the device. Fingerprint Login will detect any fingerprint stored in the device, so it’s important just your fingerprints are registered.

As per your phone requirements, you will be required to password protect your device also.

How do I setup Fingerprint Login?

On the app sign in screen, enter your passcode and then choose 'Use Fingerprint'. Follow the screen prompts to complete the set up process (you must have fingerprint capability and a registered fingerprint on the device).

If you are new to the Suncorp Bank App or use your ID and Password, tap on the Menu inside of the app and then choose ‘Settings’. Select 'Fingerprint Login' and follow the prompts.

If you have anyone else's fingerprint stored on your device, delete their stored fingerprint before setting up Fingerprint Login.

You can then sign in using your fingerprint.

How do I login with my fingerprint?

When on the Fingerprint Login screen, tap ‘Fingerprint Login’, when your device Touch ID Authentication dialogue box appears, simply touch your finger to your device home button.

Can more than one person's fingerprint be registered to my app?

Suncorp Bank does not collect or store your fingerprint in any case. Your fingerprint is stored on your device when you set up your fingerprint enabled device.

Just like it is your responsibility to keep secure your online banking password and/or passcode, Fingerprint Login should be treated with the same level of security. This means that you must not have other people's fingerprint stored on your device if you would like to use this login option.

What if the App does not accept my fingerprint?

If the fingerprint does not work, you can revert to your existing password or Passcode to sign-in to the app. You can delete the fingerprint on the device and set it up again if you wish to use Fingerprint Login.

Which device version does Fingerprint Login work on?

This functionality is only available on iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

How do I know if my device is a compatible?

Go into your device Settings > General > About

Look for version iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 6 Plus, iOS 8, and above.

We continue to review our App services on devices that meet our security standards as they become available.

I have a compatible device, but Fingerprint Login is not showing in my app settings?

Fingerprint Login will only display within the mobile banking app, if you have set it up in your device ‘Touch ID’ settings.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, please call us immediately on 13 11 75 or login to Internet Banking and send a Secure Message. We can remove the Suncorp Bank app from your phone and also disable your Customer ID.

If Fingerprint Login is enabled, another person would need your 8 digit customer ID and password or your Passcode to login. We also recommend setting up a passcode or password for your device.

What if I have an unauthorised transaction when Fingerprint Login is active?

Suncorp is committed to providing you with the highest level of security and support when banking online. Read more about Online Security.

As a Suncorp Bank account holder, you will not be held liable for any unauthorised transactions on your account, provided that you and other authorised users on your account have met the following requirements:

  • Compliance with Suncorp Bank's Terms and Conditions for Internet Banking.
  • No knowing contribution to the loss.
  • No accountability in any way for the unauthorised transaction.

You should refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details of when you will be liable for unauthorised transactions, also the Suncorp Bank App Terms and Conditions.

How do I disable Fingerprint Login?

Within the Mobile Banking App menu, tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘Fingerprint Login’. Choose Fingerprint Login ‘Turn off’.

What happens when I buy a new phone?

You will need to download the app onto your new phone, register your device with your fingerprint and then set up your ‘Fingerprint Login’. Tap on the Menu inside of the app and then choose ‘Settings’. Select 'Fingerprint Login' and follow the prompts.