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Download our free mobile banking app today for both iPhone and Android. Banking from your mobile phone is safe, secure, and easy. Try out our app today, and enjoy faster, more flexible access to your money.

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Our BillSplitter feature was awarded a Canstar Innovation Excellence award in 2016. Learn More about our award winning feature.


Accessing your money

Login to the app with a 4 digit passcode and Fingerprint Login (on supported models)

  • This can be setup when you first launch the app or later on via "Settings".


View one of your balances simply by swiping

  • Need to check your balance before buying something? By setting up one of your accounts to be your "Quick Balance" account, you can view the balance simply by swiping on the login screen.
  • This can be setup when you first launch the app or later on via "Settings".
  • To enable quick balance, you'll just need to setup a passcode first.


Access Account Information

Recent Transactions

  • View up to 6 months of transactions.
  • View pending transactions recently made on your Visa Debit card or Clear Options Credit Card.

Account Information

  • Easily view information on your accounts such interest rates, loan & credit card repayments (if applicable) and interest details for tax time.
  • Account Information can be accessed by tapping on your account and selecting the "i" symbol on the top right.

Manage Your Accounts

  • Add new accounts you've opened.
  • Add a new nickname to your accounts.


Transfers and Bills

Transfer Money to Friends and Family

  • Transfer money between your accounts.
  • Transfer money to friends and to other banks via the Send Money option.
  • Setup transfers for a future date and also setup recurring transfers.


Pay Bills Easily with BPAY®

  • You can pay any bills that has the BPAY symbol directly via app.
  • Setup BPAY payments for a future date and also setup recurring BPAY payments.


Security: Is banking on your mobile secure?

Mobile Banking is very secure and Suncorp Bank utilise a lot of tools and processes to ensure peace of mind when you bank on a mobile, including: 

  • Automated security testing – we run our secure and security systems through a range of automated tools and tests to make sure all our software changes are safe.
  • Independent security reviews – we partner with specialists in IT security and we have each of our major changes reviewed by those external specialists, even if it’s just to get fresh eyes on a new feature we’ve implemented from a security perspective. 
  • Peformance testing – this is where we throw a lot of traffic at our mobile banking app, usually up to 10 times more traffic than we’d ever get from our existing customer-base, to ensure that our online banking systems are robust to handle lots of customers logging in; ie, that there are no crashes that could then interrupt what you’re doing with your money.
  • Denial of Service Attack testing – our internal security experts regularly perform dummy tests and throw “the kitchen sink” of dangerous and unexpected scenarios at online banking to make sure it can handle anything in terms of security.
  • Beyond this, we have a very talented Cyber Security and Fraud team who perform real time monitoring of all transactions within the app.

To learn more, you can read our blog post on how we keep our Internet Banking systems secure.

Always ensure you download our mobile apps from either website or official App Stores for Apple and Android.


Save for Goal with FlexiRates

Unique to Suncorp Bank customers, flexiRates can lock away any amount, and term of your choosing - at a higher rate of interest, similar to how you would with a term deposit.


Navigating the App

Want to know where something is in our app, or would you like to see more? Check out the screenshots and video demo.


Help and FAQs

Need help with mobile banking? Browse our comprehensive FAQ database


Mobile Banking App suggestion box

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What's different in security between this app and Internet Banking?

Logging In

  • First off, you can now login to the app with a 4 digit passcode. This is an extra measure to ensure only you can access your accounts.
  • If you're currently a security token user, if you wish, once you enter your token code once and setup a passcode, you'll no longer need to enter your token code to login.
  • If you prefer to enter your token code at login, simply select "use my existing login" when in the wizard.


Transferring Funds using "Send Money"

  • Send Money allows you to transfer money to another bank or to a Suncorp Bank account that isn't yours.
  • If you're a new Suncorp Bank app user, you'll be able to transfer $2,000 per calendar day to other banks or to Suncorp Bank accounts that aren't yours.
  • If you need to transfer more, to ensure your security, you'll need to use the desktop version of Internet Banking and order an External Transfer Password.
  • If you currently use an External Transfer Password, you won't need to enter it within the Suncorp Bank app when using the "Send Money" function.
  • If you have a Security Token however, you can transfer up to your normal daily limit you have in Internet Banking.



  • Like Internet Banking, you can make BPAY payments up to $5,000 per calendar day.
  • When you make a BPAY payment, your $5,000 limit will also include any "Send Money payments" you've made that day as well.


What happens if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone, try and phone us straight away with another phone. We can remove the Suncorp Bank app from your phone and also disable your Customer ID.


How we protect your banking on your mobile

We have a 5 minute timer on the app. We'll automatically log you off after 5 minutes of no activity.
We have real time fraud detection monitoring every transaction that happens from Suncorp Bank Mobile Banking.


Security Tips for Mobile Devices

  • We recommend setting up a passcode or password for your phone. If you lose it, it makes it a lot harder to get into any personal details.
  • Utilise Apple's "find my iPhone" app or Android's "lookout" app. This allows you to find your phone if you lose it using your phone's GPS and even wipe/delete your phone's contents.
  • Don't store any important passwords or PINs in your phone's "notes" section. This is the first place people will look.
  • Only install apps including Suncorp apps via official app stores for Apple, Android etc. Don't install apps via email links or websites you may not trust.
  • Be careful of free or untrusted wifi access. It may be free but it might not be 100% safe.
  • Keep your profile contact details up-to-date. You can usually see if there's an update in the "update settings" section of your phone. Having up to date software provides better protection.


Shield Your Digital Life With Intel Security, 3 Months Free for 3 Devices.

To ensure your devices have comprehensive security, Suncorp has partnered with Intel Security to offer you a 3 month free trial of their McAfee Multi Access offering.

What's New

Release 6.2 February 2016

  • Faster Login Options and Quick Search
  • Fixed the issue with passcode and fingerprint being removed between upgrade
  • Faster fingerprint login option added in settings
  • Remember Customer ID
  • Quick search functionality in transaction history


Release 6.1 December 2015

  • Improved look and feel of the login screen
  • New icons for left menu and secure messages in iOS
  • Material Design enhancements in android
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • iOS app size reduction


Version 6.0 October 2015

  • View your bank statements online, simply tap on your account and then the more icon (...)
  • Share and send receipts from your transactions
  • New link to rate our app
  • User interface updates & bug updates


Version 5.1 Fingerprint Login

Are you tired of trying to remember endless passwords? Fingerprint Login is the latest biometric security feature on the Suncorp Bank App. The new feature verifies you securely and easily with the touch of your home button.


Version 4.3 and 5.0 April 2015

  • BillSplitter: Dividing group bills with friends gets easier 
  • Select friends from your phone contacts & SMS them the payment details with their unique bill Reference
  • BillSplitter tracks the payment Reference and shows you when you’ve been paid back
  • Additional features include, delete and edit functionality, manual payment reminders and editing the bill split.
  • New functionality for making personal super contributions to Suncorp Everyday Super
  • Go online to to find out more

Version 4.2 March 2015

  • We now support iPad landscape mode
  • Fully optimised for iPhone 6 and 6+ phones
  • Improved the quick balance screen to make it easier to read
  • Improved passcode keypad


Version 4.1 January 2015

  • Updated look and feel
  • New calculators for savings and loan calculations
  • Bug fixes and improvements


Version 4.0 October 2014

Secure Messages and Alerts

  • Receive alerts for scheduled transactions that have been processed
  • Send secure messages to us within the app
  • Be alerted of things to action for your accounts


Version 3.5 August 2014

We've added more features to assist with managing your accounts

  • Add newly opened accounts to your list.
  • Add a nickname for your accounts. You can do this by tapping on your account and tapping the icons in the top right.
  • 'Swipe' to delete billers and recipients in the new "Manage Contacts" section in the transfers menu.
  • Approve or reject transactions that require your approval.


Version 3.4 June 2014

Be able to pass on your account details with QuickShare

  • Our QuickShare feature allows you to share your details with a contact in your phone via SMS.
  • You can also setup QuickShare to be accessible from your app homescreen.
  • If your friends are with Suncorp Bank, you can scan a QR code and have send money transfers automatically filled in for you.
  • We've also added some new quick access menus from the balances screen.


Version 3.3 April 2014

Manage your tranfers and payments

You can now schedule, edit and manage all of your transfers and BPAY bills.


Version 3.2 March 2014


You can now lock away a portion of money from your savings accounts and earn a higher rate of interest with flexiRates.


Version 3.1 January 2014

Account Details

You can now view detailed information such as:

  • Loan and credit card payment due dates
  • Interest earned and paid to help with tax time
  • Available cashback
  • Interest rates
  • BSB details

Access account details simply by clicking the "i" icon once you select an account from the balances screen.

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The Android application supports version 2.3 and above. 
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