Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker is a free online tool to help you manage your budget, by allowing you to view all the accounts you manage through Suncorp Bank Internet Banking in one place.

1. Register for free through Suncorp Bank Internet Banking. 

Internet Banking transactions are automatically visible in the tool and grouped into logical categories such as petrol and groceries - making it easy to see where your money is going.

2. Understanding your spending: You can choose to re-categorise, split or exclude transactions to get a better understanding of your real spending habits.

3. Setting a Budget: The tool will automatically select targets for you based on average expenditure for each expense category.

You can decrease or increase your targets to set realistic goals for yourself, set realistic budgets based on your past spending habits, and view your overall position and keep on track to reach your goals. Regular overnight updates mean you can keep track of your spending versus budget, giving you a better chance at meeting your goals. You can compare your actual spending to the targets you set by viewing ‘My Targets’ or see how your financial position tracks over time by viewing ‘History’. The longer you use the tool the more data you’ll have to view.

4. Planning for the future: Plan for once off items you know are coming up for an individual month.

You can check out your spending history and identify savings for the future. Planning a holiday or expecting a bonus? Create a ‘what if’ scenario to see how these events may impact your financial position. 


5. Access Budget Tracker 

To get access to the tool you’ll need to register through Internet Banking. Once you’ve registered we will import 3 months of the Suncorp Bank account transactions you can see in Internet Banking into Suncorp Bank Budget Tracker. This process takes between 24 to 48 hours and access to the tool will be available after this time.

To keep your registration active you’ll need to make sure you enter Suncorp Bank Budget Tracker at least once every 2 to 3 months (or every 90 days). You can access your budget anytime you’re logged into Internet Banking by clicking on theBudget Tracker link from the left hand menu options.