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We're making constant improvements to the Suncorp Bank Internet Banking experience. ​Do you have an idea or improvement for Internet Banking? Drop us a comment in our Internet Banking Suggestion Box or by secure message within Internet Banking.


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Watch our easy how to video to learn more about what you can do in Internet Banking, and how to register.


Helping you with day to day banking

  • View eStatements
  • Check account balances and up to 12 months transaction history
  • Transfer funds to your own accounts and to other banks with options to have them repeat or be at future date
  • Setup automated savings plans between your everyday and savings accounts
  • Transfer funds overseas using International Money Transfers
  • Setup and receive balance alerts on your accounts
  • Easy access to your interest on all your accounts 
  • Redraw funds from an applicable home loan


Keeping on top of your money

  • Pay bills online using BPAY®. You can even set them up for a later date
  • Receive your bills online using BPAY View®
  • Setup automated transfers between your accounts and to billers to save you the hassle of remembering
  • Lock away portions of your savings online and receive high interest with Flexirates


Features for Business Banking

  • Export transaction history into CSV and other formats for use in Excel or other accounting systems
  • Have extra control on your accounts by having multi-approver options for transfers and payments
  • Make bulk payments to creditors or for payroll with Business Payments


Other handy features

  • Access receipts for transfers and bills paid from your accounts
  • Want to split up your accounts into separate views? Do this via your profiles
  • Keep track of home loan & personal loan details and repayments
  • Want a new account to save for a goal? Open an account express via Internet Banking
  • Have an enquiry? Contact our consultants directly and securely through our inbuilt message service


Banking Securely Online

Internet Banking has a range of features to ensure your banking is completely secure when online including real time fraud detection, industry level encryption and protection, locking your logon if more than 3 incorrect attempts are made, and logging you off automatically if there is 10 mins of no activity.

Always ensure you access Internet Banking via


Shield Your Digital Life With Intel Security, 3 Months Free for 3 Devices.

To ensure your devices have comprehensive security, Suncorp has partnered with Intel Security to offer you a 3 month free trial of their McAfee Multi Access offering.


See a quick overview of Internet Banking: 

Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker is a free online tool to help you manage your budget, by allowing you to view all the accounts you manage through Suncorp Bank Internet Banking in one place.


1. Register for free through Suncorp Bank Internet Banking. 

Internet Banking transactions are automatically visible in the tool and grouped into logical categories such as petrol and groceries - making it easy to see where your money is going.

2. Understanding your spending: You can choose to re-categorise, split or exclude transactions to get a better understanding of your real spending habits.

3. Setting a Budget: The tool will automatically select targets for you based on average expenditure for each expense category.

You can decrease or increase your targets to set realistic goals for yourself, set realistic budgets based on your past spending habits, and view your overall position and keep on track to reach your goals. Regular overnight updates mean you can keep track of your spending versus budget, giving you a better chance at meeting your goals. You can compare your actual spending to the targets you set by viewing ‘My Targets’ or see how your financial position tracks over time by viewing ‘History’. The longer you use the tool the more data you’ll have to view.

4. Planning for the future: Plan for once off items you know are coming up for an individual month.

You can check out your spending history and identify savings for the future. Planning a holiday or expecting a bonus? Create a ‘what if’ scenario to see how these events may impact your financial position. 


5. Access Budget Tracker 

To get access to the tool you’ll need to register through Internet Banking. Once you’ve registered we will import 3 months of the Suncorp Bank account transactions you can see in Internet Banking into Suncorp Bank Budget Tracker. This process takes between 24 to 48 hours and access to the tool will be available after this time.

To keep your registration active you’ll need to make sure you enter Suncorp Bank Budget Tracker at least once every 2 to 3 months (or every 90 days). You can access your budget anytime you’re logged into Internet Banking by clicking on theBudget Tracker link from the left hand menu options.


Security Tokens provide extra protection to your Internet or Mobile Banking.

The Security Token works by generating a new 6-digit code every 60 seconds, from many possible combinations. Because the code is constantly changing and is unique to your Token, no-one but you will have the code needed to access your accounts. Without a token, no one will be able to logon to Internet Banking except you.


When Do I Need a Token?

Once you order a token, you'll need it to perform the below actions. If you currently use an External Transfer Password, the token will automatically replace this and be used at the same times:

  • When you logon to Internet Banking / Mobile Banking
  • When you transfer money outside of Suncorp Bank
  • When you perform a Global Payment
  • When you perform Business Payments
  • When you want to increase your daily limit


How do I order / activate a security token?

1. The Suncorp Security Token is available to all Suncorp internet banking customers for a cost of just $20 per token. To order, logon to Suncorp Internet Banking, click the security & settings tab on the left hand side and choose Order a Security Token. 

To activate your new Security Token, logon to Suncorp Internet Banking, go to settings and security and you will be prompted to activate your Token.
To find out the expiry date of your token, simply look on the back of it as per the photo below:


2. Activation: If you've received a token, simply login, go to "settings and security" in the menu and click the "order/activate" link in the extra security section. Type in the serial number (located on the back as per the photo above) and the token will then sync with your Customer ID. Please activate the token before your old token expires otherwise you may have difficulties logging into Internet Banking.


Tokens for Business Banking Customers

If more than one person has access to your account through internet banking (each with a separate Customer ID), each party will need their own security token.


Other important information

Your Security Token is personal to you and can only be used with your Internet Banking ID. It provides an additional level of security for your Internet Banking Session and can not be shared with anyone else. You can still use Suncorp Internet Banking if you chose not to use a Security Token. You can cancel your Security Token at any time by calling our Customer Service Team on 13 11 75.

The types of accounts you can access will not change when you activate your Security Token however once activated you will need to use the Security Token every time you use Suncorp Internet Banking. You will need to enter the code displayed on the Security Token whenever you are prompted to, for example, at the Login screen and when you perform certain types of transactions, including External Transfers or Bulk Payments.

If your Security Token is lost, stolen or does not work properly you should call us immediately on 13 11 75 to tell us what has happened. We will deactivate your Security Token and arrange for a replacement one to be sent to you. We will give you a temporary password to use until you receive your new Security Token. If you lose your Security Token we will ask you to pay for the new Security Token.

If you have a complaint that you would like us to investigate please contact our Customer Relations Unit on 1800 689 762 (Free call) or send us a fax on 1300 767 337 (cost of a local call). If we can not resolve your complaint within 24 hours we will acknowledge your complaint within 3 days and endeavour to resolve it within 21 days.

If after reading this Important Information and the Terms and Conditions, you have any questions about the Security Token please call us on 13 11 75 anytime.


Internet Banking Security

Learn how Suncorp Internet Banking safeguards your privacy and security.


Tax time

Find out how Internet Banking can help you prepare for tax time, whether you need to obtain interest details, download transaction history, or make a payment to the ATO. 

View our terms and conditions for Internet Banking


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