Suncorp Bank Branches

Suncorp Bank branches provide you full access to your accounts.

Our branches allow you to have a personal conversation with our knowledgeable staff in a welcoming environment. From the moment you walk into one of our 200 Suncorp Bank branches, our experienced consultants, assistants and branch manager will be willing to assist you in any way we can. 

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For added convenience, some Suncorp Bank branches are open on the weekend. Take a look at which branches offer weekend trading hours.


Suncorp Bank Branch Features


Greeting Desk

Have your questions answered by a skilled staff member as soon as you enter a branch. Whether you’re after  information, want to book an appointment or even just obtain a copy of your statement, we will be able to assist you and point you in the right direction.


Dedicated Meeting Areas

If you have a matter where you would like some more privacy, our consultants can take you to one of our meeting areas that are located in quiet and private areas.


Teller Areas

Whether you want to quickly pop in or out or be able to sit down whilst you do your banking, our branches offer a range of options to help you be comfortable with our assistants.


Accessibility For Everyone

We are committed to ensuring equal access to all our customers and do our best to provide disabled access, easy-to-open doors and Audio ATM & Phone Banking (TTY) at all our branches.


Self-Service Kiosks

If you like to do you’re banking on the go, but don’t have a computer handy, you can utilise our Internet Banking & Phone Banking kiosks. You can logon to your Internet Banking or just  peruse our websites. Utilising the phone, you can do Phone Banking, contact our call centre and register for any of our online services. 

If you have not registered for Internet Banking we can assist you with setting that up. Internet Banking opens a new channel for you to control your money and bank at your convenience.


Concept Zone

Visit the Concept Zone at our Brisbane Square Branch to see some of the new tools and products we’ve created to help deliver more of what our customers are after. We will be presenting new concepts and propositions regularly, as well as running workshops.